What can you expect with me....

When I started this blog, I thought it would be the hardest to write. It was a challenge by my mentor, Brittany Bruce, to write and tell my people who I am and what they get when they book with me. Once I really sat down and got out of my own way, it started flowing! I think getting your photos taken is very much the same. We all want these beautiful memories, and to see ourselves the way we believe we are. Sometimes, we get into our own heads and think there is no way the pictures can turn out the way we want. One thing you can count on from me, I will ALWAYS support your vision and do my very best to give you that! Ok, now...here is what I really was supposed to write...

When someone asks you to list what you think are your top personality traits, you really start to think about what that has to do with a photo shoot. BUT...it's everything!!!

  1. I am very high energy. I will talk a lot during your shoot. I like to move fast so that I get as many pictures as I can. It's not very methodical, but it allows me to explore more scenes and poses during our time together. You need a hype girl!? That's me! I love to make my people laugh and get those really genuine moments and smiles.
  2. I am very spiritual. I believe in God and his path for me. I do my best to talk to him daily and let him lead me down the path where I can love and serve my clients.
  3. I am an eternal optimist. Sometimes it drives my husband crazy. But it's who I am. And I bring that to my shoot. I don't care if the sun isn't shining or it's noon and we are in the harshest light for photos. I will get you those good shots because I believe I can, no matter what!
  4. I am also a hopeless romantic. I will cry at every wedding I go to. I love love love romance and romantic comedies. It brings so much joy to my heart to see people in love. It is to be celebrated!

So there you have it. That's me! If you can relate to any of this, I might just be a good photographer for you. I try my very best to make sure everyone has fun when we are taking pictures. This job (really! I get to call this my job?) has brought me so much joy and I want to make sure you feel the same way!