You aren't average, why should your pictures be?

One thing that I strongly believe, is that no person is average. There is something special about each person you meet. And lucky for me, I get to figure that out! That is my goal with every photo shoot, to find what makes each person unique and capture it. It's fun and I really like to have a good time at my job.

In most photo shoots, yes, we all want the nice family photo that we can hang on the wall. As a momma, I know that those are important. What I have learned about myself is that some of my favorite pictures are the candid ones. So, I also love the ones where no one is posing. Someone just says something funny and there is a genuine moment of reaction. Those moments are priceless to me. I will always get you those posed, perfect moments in time. BUT!!!! I will always try and capture candid too. My favorite pictures of my kids....they are being absolutely ridiculous. Because that is who they are!

The picture above is of my daughter and her friends. Their mommas got them outfits, did their hair, brought them out to a pumpkin patch on an unseasonably hot fall day (seriously, we were all sweating profusely), and let me take pictures of them. (God bless these mommas!) I wasn't ready to take a picture, I hadn't given them any direction yet. Someone said something that made them all laugh. And it was my favorite from the day. Because it is exactly who these little girls are. They are silly and crazy and full of joy! Just how we want to remember them at this age.