Model Call

In order to build my Influencer Program, I am holding a model call for a "golden hour in the park" photo shoot. Do you need to be a model to answer the model call? No, you don't! I will instruct you in hair, makeup, and clothing in advance. I will instruct you in posing and movement during the shoot. I am asking for everyone to fill out the application to help me choose the people I will be using for this particular shoot.

Please read the requirements below and fill out the application if you can meet them.


Location: Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas

Date: May 14, 2022

Time: 5:00-7:00 pm

Age: 14-18

Clothing: Soft, pale colors. Can be any pants, jeans, dresses. Just must be soft, pastel colors and patterns.

Hair: Down and natural for girls, curls allowed, natural for boys

Makeup: Soft and natural, no heavy eye makeup. Lashes are approved but not necessary.

To all applicants,

The shoot will be 1-2 hours and will be very simple. The first 45 minutes will be group and individual shots in the aforementioned clothing. The second half of the shoot will be reserved for specific extra curricular outfits. **Example: IF you are a cheerleader or athlete, I may ask you to bring your uniform to shoot in the second half.

Thank you everyone for your consideration. This will be my first model call and I will do my best to use your time wisely and give you amazing photos! I appreciate everyone who applies. Please know that if you do not get chosen for this particular shoot, I will do more of these and will keep your contact info for future shoots if you wish.

Sincerely grateful,

Darcy Weaver